Does Your Shower Leak?

Have you noticed any of these problems in your shower or bath?

  • Cracked joints around walls and floor
  • Carpet that smells wet or musty
  • Mouldy grout that won’t come clean
  • Grout that is cracked or missing
  • Door frames or skirting boards that have swollen
  • Silicone that’s become mouldy around the shower
  • Peeling or blistering paint on your shower walls
  • Discolouration on the bottom row of your shower walls
  • Calcification on the bathroom floor around the shower

If the answer is “yes” to any of these problems, your shower needs to be Re-sealed!


Ignoring these signs of trouble could result in even greater damage and much more expensive repairs.

Or if you know you have a problem and haven’t found the right tradie to do the job, call Re-seal. We’ll quickly find the leak without damaging your bathroom any further – saving you time and money.

Look at all the benefits a quality bathroom re-sealing can offer you:

A fast and effective solution to your shower or bathroom problem.
A shower that sparkles and will look almost brand-new.
A Re-seal that lasts, eliminating the need for a major renovation.

Put an end to:

Wasting money trying to sort out the problem.
Wasting time trying to scrub away shower mould.
Worry about the damage your leaking shower might be causing.

Discover How We Can Repair A Leaking Shower Without Retiling.