Glass Restoration

Just about everything in your shower presents a real threat to the integrity and beauty of your shower’s screens and glass railings. Damage can occur from hard water, soap and shampoos, lime scale, sand and dirt, harsh cleaning chemicals, salt, daily grime – all can cause staining and etching on your shower’s glass surfaces. And these are problems that can’t be removed with household cleaners. That’s why Re-seal also offers a top-quality professional glass restoration service to both residential and commercial customers. With our quality Glass Restoration System, your glass surfaces can be restored to a nearly-new finish at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.


Showers and more need the Re-seal Glass Restoration System:

Shower screens that have become etched or stained from layers of soap scum build-up or chemicals. This can be a problem in homes as well as commercial institutions such as resorts and hotels.

Glass swimming pool fencing and railings can easily suffer damage from salt water, chlorine and other common pool chemicals.

Home or building glass windows located close to the ocean and exposed to the salt air can easily become corroded.

Commercial Car wash facilities receive constant exposure to hard water and chemicals.

Buses and other public transport receive the harmful effects of hard water inside automatic wash bays.

Marine glass can also become tarnished from salt and other particulates in the water