Get Re-seal Bathrooms’ Enduroshield

The one-time application so you can clean your shower in no time, every time! Enduroshield. Delivers Years of Long-Lasting Shower Surface Protection – Cuts Your Cleaning Time by 90%

Let us apply Enduroshield and your problems are solved.


Enduroshield is like an invisible Teflon coating. Virtually nothing sticks to your shower surfaces with Enduroshield. Everything in your shower will be up to 90% easier and faster to clean! It stands up to permanent water stains and other chemicals frequently so a light cleaning of your glass screens and gloss tiles is all that’s needed to make them sparkle.

With Re-seal Bathrooms’ Enduroshield on your shower surfaces, you’ll never spend hours scrubbing your old shower out again. Mould just can’t grow in grout and silicone treated with Enduroshield

The Enduroshield coating is invisible and won’t alter tile colours PLUS…

Comes with a 3-year protection guarantee for your existing glass, tiles and grout

If applied to brand new glass, the Enduroshield guarantee is good for 10-years


Takes Just Minutes – Lasts for Years

Step Into a Cleaner, Sparkling, Low-Maintenance Shower Every Day…Call Now For All The Details