Frequently Asked Questions

A. Each Re-seal service comes with a 12 year Re-seal product guarantee.* We’re that confident your shower leaks won’t be returning — but if they do, we’ll return to fix the problem. *Conditions apply. Please refer to section 12 of our terms of trade. CLICK HERE
Yes, some noise and dust is unavoidable. Our technicians will be considerate of you and respectful of your home or business. We carry and use our own vacuum cleaners to remove most of the dust created in the grout removal process. We do our best to leave the areas we work as clean and dust-free as possible.
Most of our services produce no noticeable or lasting odours. Depending on the specific procedure, different chemicals and products are used that exhibit different strength and properties. If odours are a concern, please leave your windows and screens open to allow fresh air to circulate through your home. If there are any slight odours from the service, these should dissipate within an hour.
Yes…the solution is to put out a bucket to catch the drips and make sure the floor stays dry. Otherwise, we may not be able to proceed with your scheduled service.
In most cases, you should wait 24 hours before using the shower. We’ll let you know the exact time for your particular service. It may need a longer time to cure if your service is more complicated, but we’ll let you know that before we start. At most, you may need to wait 48 hours before using the shower again.
It varies in each case, but typically between 2 to 5 hours. It all depends on the work involved. This will all be discussed and agreed upon before we arrange a starting time.

Tip: Making sure your bathroom surfaces are clean before the Re-seal service will greatly effect the quality of the treatment. If your shower is not adequately clean, we may need to have a chemical cleaning done before we can start your job.

For the best results your shower needs to be cleared of all toiletries, be as clean as possible, and absolutely dry before we begin the Re-seal treatment. It’s very important you don’t use the shower for at least 24hrs before Re-seal is scheduled for service.
This diagram explains the process well.



Please call us and we’ll be happy to give you further details.

In most situations, your shower leak can be stopped with Re-seal’s high-quality shower sealing technology. In those instances where more serious damage has occurred,a re-tiling or refurbishing of your bathroom and surrounds may need to be completed.
Re-seal uses the latest technology on every job for measuring moisture content.  It’s the most sensitive equipment in the industry for surveying and investigating moisture behind walls, under floor coverings, in shower pans and around ceramic tiles.

Re-seal’s high-tech moisture meters:

Use non-invasive pinless radio frequencies to locate moisture at depths that are not visible on the surface

Measure in relative terms, the state of sub-material: dry, damp, or wet

Find the source and determine the extent of moisture penetration

Our meters can often find the earliest signs of moisture where it doesn’t belong, long before you can see any visible damage. We’ll alert you to the problem before it results in serious damage that is costly to repair to wall, timber flooring, carpets, door frames, skirting boards, and so on. You’re alerted in time to take steps to Re-seal your shower, and that quickly solves the problem.

One of Re-seal’s high tech moisture detectors.

This meter indicates there is high moisture content under the floating timber floors beside the shower wall. No one noticed it, but our equipment spotted the problem, even though there were no obvious sings of floor warping or swelling.

The shower was repaired before permanent damage occurred. Left undetected, this leak could have meant thousands of dollars in timber floors replacement.

Call Re-seal…we’ll have one of our qualified assessors come out and have a closer look. They determine the extent of the damage, and point out the problem to you, so you can see it yourself. Then we’ll discuss your options. If you decide you need our help, we will give you a firm quote for the work.